Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recap of the 11th March 2012 session

Recap of the 11th March 2012 session
Didi starts her session with a true story.
Charulata says she never reads the newspaper cause she believes the propagate negative stories and blow it out of proportion. One Sunday her eyes fell on the News item that a particular popular airline were in deep trouble .this made her pick up the News paper and go through all the news items. Reading the Newspaper she realized a feeling of lowness had set into her and her thoughts was “What the World had come to”. As she was brooding about the negativity in the world her nephew who was in college comes and tells her that he had joined an NGO for the welfare of children. She feels very happy with the news. Then a friend of hers calls her up to invite her to join an NGO for slum women rehabilitation. Charulata realizes that the world is still filled with positive and lovable people.
Didi sums up her story saying we as a Narayan Reiki Family should propagate only positive news.
This was also an interactive session where people shared their experiences.
R Jivika shared that she was introduced to the Narayan Reiki healing from a member in Dubai. She had severe constipation for the past 10 years and medication had not helped. Just about 2 weeks following Narayan Reiki not only healed her but the cause of constipation was also identified. It was her angry nature. Narayan Reiki and Didi’s “Do’s and positive thinking attitude” has helped her now to lead an healthy energetic life.
Mrs Vidya Shastry shared that she was a chronic Asthma patient for the last 20 years. She shared that Yoga did help her in reducing the intensity of attacks but Narayan Reiki which she joined 2 years ago has helped her completely overcome her problem.
Dipti Shukla shared how ‘Narayan Help’ helped her husband miraculously escape severe injury when the train couch collapsed on his head.
Didi once again referred to Narayan Circle of Life its importance in our lives. The benefits we achieve on following this are miraculous. Didi also stressed on “Narayan Help”
A commitment was also taken by all the participants:
1) To remain calm at all times
2) To appreciate
Next we meet on 15th April 2012. This session will focus on children –Parent relationship. So please attend this session along your children.


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