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29th Oct 2014 Wednesday Session
Narayan Narayan
Welcome friends to the  divine and wonderful Wednesday session.
Rajdidi arrived 10 min early to the Wednesday session and gave the options to all NRSP members as to  they would do ram mala for demands or for thanks. The reply unanimously was Thanks mala since all of us had a superb Diwali and so we all did Sava Mani (108+21) mala. Rajdi asked us to include in this mala all the things we are grateful for. An advantage of group thanks is that if one of us forgets to thank god for the inumerable blessings, then if anyone in the group thanks then we also get the benefit.
The session began with ram mala – hanuman Chalisa –ram mala to invoke the divine blessings.
An important announcement was made of the face book page of Narayan Reiki Satsang Parivar which was launched. A special thanks was given to Atul Goyal whose effort had created this page, with 1 mala.
Announcement that the next Wednesday session is preponed to Tuesday the 4th November and the Family session is on 2nd of November.
Announcement was made of the upcoming Bangkok session and the Delhi sessions also.
Deepti di was very thankful to Rajdidi and the whole NRSP for praying for her mother who is much better in health now.
An NRSP member shared that her mother-in-law was unwell and not eating anything. And thanks to prayers reiki prayer given by her and the whatsapp group  she is fine now and eating normally, healthy and energetic. Her mother-in-law used to have the vision of the reiki angel blessing her.  
Santosh Goyal shared that it was her vision since joining NRSP in 2012 to spread  Rajdidi’s vision and mission through electronic, print and digital media, so that whatever benefits she got by following Narayan reiki others too enjoy the benefits. This happened this year. We were covered by the print media in  various newspaper like Navbharat, Navbharat Times, Dabang India etc. for the Diwali session. We also realeased a magazine Satyug, edited by Sandhya Gupta.Rajdidi’s session is covered in u-tube and now the launch of the face book page.
She thanked Rajdidi for giving her and her husband the opportunity to serve NRSP.
She shared that her father and her sister after practicing the Narayan meditation which they learnt in the Family session they stopped their sleeping tablets and are having good sleep.
An NRSP member shared that she was very scared of her boss and was also tolerating some wrong things in the office. Narayan meditation made things favourable for her in the office and the atmosphere of the office also became positive for her.
A member shared that she had been to Ayappa temple in Kerala and thanks to Narayan blessings they found a mentor in Narayan form who helped them to get good darshan. Generally you are allowed two min darshan but they were allowed half an hour.
Rajdi said that those who were not regularly writing the diary should either give it back to the centre or give to friends who will be regular in writing. Didi said the diary was not any ordinary diary and it is a means to make our life as a granth or(Holy Book).

Sharing’s Of Regularly Writing the diary and Benefits:
Sangeeta shared that she had that she had written in the dairy that she receives love, respect from her family in abundance this Diwali and she did get that. In the first page of the diary we had to write our qualities and she was wondering what to write. Her son-in-law appreciated her patience and husband told her that she was a great cook. This was really a matter to be proud of.
One member shared that she had written the wish that her brother should get back the money he had invested with someone who was reluctant to give it back and he has started receiving the money back.
Sangeeta Sinha shared that in China her daughter had some issues with her room mates and with reiki prayers and wish list in the Diary the issue was resolved. Her room mate found another room and her daughter got the room to herslf and now she is sincerely and happily focusing in studies.
A member shared that after writing the wish of gold in her diary her husband who is never in favour of investing in gold got her a gold mangalsutra. This was amazing.
A member shared that she is thanking Narayan in her diary each day and she is getting more and more reasons to thank.
Rajdidi said that in two days the statement in the diary will change to” Today I will remain calm and speak positive words” and if irritation and anger still persists in any NRSP member then, they should fill the page with the same statement. Rajdidi said that the same statement could be written in the white board also.
Rajdidi also said that we have to review ourselves each night honestly and if we have felt the negative qualities of irritation or anger during the day we should give ourselves a red star.
Rajdidi also said that those who are following the exercise regime honestly each day should give themselves 11 green stars.
A member shared that she has become so regular with her yoga classes that she gets up at 5am and attends her yoga class, and her yoga teacher too appreciated her. She also shared that she had written in her diary that her tuition students score 100%, and they who generally scored below75% scored 96% which was miraculous. She has also received a lot of thanks and appreciation from the parents.
Benefits of earlier Sharing
There were some NRSP members who shared that when other members used to share they used to say Narayan Narayan and visualize themselves sharing the same and today they were sharing. A member shared that when sharing’s were done that they were appreciated by their family she too visualized the same. This Diwali her mother told her that she looked divine and had changed to being calm and positive. She also shared that her husband also has started expressing his love to her by saying “Luv U, Like U, respect”. She says the after the use of Rama symbol on her TV as advised by Monadi her husband has started watching only positive program in the TV. She was happy to share that group prayer wherein all family members join has started in her house too.
A member shared that, her mother who was allergic to cracker fumes used to spend every Diwali in the hospital but this Diwali she did reiki prayers for her mother that she will be celebrating Diwali at home, and made her mother too say the same statement. Her mother had a wonderful Diwali at home and she was absolutely fine.
A member shared that with the help of reiki prayers, her husband got his transfer back to Mumbai and it also helped his health.
A member shared that her brother got his I phone back due to the miracle of Narayan Kavach.
A member shared thanked Raj didi because of reiki prayers and Rajdidi’s blessings her daughter-in-law delivered a healthy baby girl after 8 years of marriage and another one is pregnant after 9 yrs of marriage.
A member shared that because of the miracle of diary writing she wakes up before the alarm.
Blessing malas were done for all prayer requests. A Narayan Kavach was sent for the cyclone ‘Nilofar’ to be calm.
The session came to an end with Rajdidi wishing all of us “Luv U, Like U, Respect U”
Narayan Narayan


Our main aim in life is Health, Wealth and Harmony. If we achieve this Happiness, Prosperity and Peace will automatically be achieved.
How can we achieve this..... 
We know our body gives out sweat, bile, urine etc. On these we have no control. But one thing which we can control and comes from us is words.
Words of ours either makes a person Happy or unhappy. We first take Unhappy
By our words…
·        We hurt others by raking up of small issues.
·        Jealousy, revenge, Criticizing
·        Not caring for their sentiments
·        EGO
When these negative feelings are in us inside us they lead to negative chemical secretions. This causes various illness. Also our aura attracts only negative people. A positive aura attracts Positive people. Satsangis will get attracted to satsangis.

When words are used for
·        Love, Care, Appreciate
·        Speak positive words
·        Respect all
·        Ignore small small issues
·        Sorry and Thanks should always adorn your lips
·        Harmonious relationship
When these positive qualities fill you, your face automatically lights up with a smile. Your stamina doubles. Healthy in relationships will mean, Health is yours, Wealth follows and Happiness is all around you. Your aura increases and attracts positivity towards you.
So always use words sparingly and positively.
हमें वाणी को वीणा बनाना चाहिए|

Narayan Narayan 

Wednesday Session
Mrs Usha Adukia shares that she got a call from one of her friends who disclosed that an important contract for his company was just fizzling away from his hands. He asks her if she could help him with Reiki. Mrs Adukia told him she would help him provided he his thoughts towards the contracting company is positive and he regards the contracting co. as his Well Wisher. He did so. Within a week the contract was given to them.
Our vibration results in our experience. It is generally believed that the pundits of Jagannath Puri are greedy and try to loot the tourists. A lady from the Narayan Reiki Parivar had gone to Jagannath Puri and her vibration was that her experience in Puri is very positive. She got the same results.
A miraculous sharing of LRFC Carpet was shared. A Narayan member says that after 37 years her brother sent her the Rakshabandhan Gift after she sent the LRFC symbol everyday to him.
Mrs. Mona Rauka shares that her daughter’s viva exam for her final BDS was going on. The examiner looked tough and the children who went before her shared the same opinion. Mrs. Mona told her daughter to consider the examiner as her well wisher.  She did so and she topped her exam.
We are the reason for the behavior of others. Our vibration says my son will take care of me. So it happens. If we give the vibration our daughter in law loves us she will definitely do so.
When the question anger was raised by Didi a few hands went up. Didi says, during anger the vibrations and energy in our body is at the maximum. If we convert this emotion in a positive manner we can benefit. Didi says take advantage of the emotion of anger. Divert your mind to positive thoughts and take benefit of the situation.
Didi says that if we constantly follow and adhere to Narayan Circle in our lives we will bring in Satyug.
A lady shared that her child of 1 year was constantly unwell and in spite of various rounds to Doctors they were unable to diagnose the cause of the child falling ill. Didi explained the Narayan Circle to her and asked her to analyze her actions. Within a week there was a positive change in the health of the child.
Statements to be told everyday.
1) I am feeling Good, I am happy.
2) I am calm, I speak positive words.
3) I am very Lucky.

Wednesday 31st October2012
Narayan Narayan
Didi defined five rules if followed regularly will make life very simple,easy, beautiful, and enjoyable
1)Thanks to god for everything he has given.
2)For the peace and calm in tour houses you alone are responsible.सुख शांति और समृधि is because of you.
3)Whomsoever you meet,meet  with a clean slate of thought.Like  a brush dipped in black will always have its traces negativity towards someone will also leave its traces . So cleanse your mind completely and treat each person in your life as a well-wisher.
4)Whatever your friends and relatives say in your day to day life take it in a positive way. Consider that God has sent a message through them to you. Be positive in all circumstances.
5)There should be only one thought in our mind always.."What best can we give to all."
Wednesday 24th October 2012
Narayan Narayan

Didi gives a message through  a story..
Urmilla loved to paint. One morning she sat to paint the serenity of Gautama Buddha.  The portrait of Buddha came out very well but the halo around The Buddha had a grayish tinge. Once again she gave finishing touches to the white hallow and this time she used a new white tube also. Still she was unhappy about the whiteness of The Buddha halo. It was then she realized that the brush she had used was previously dipped in black. She took out a fresh brush and gave the halo of The Buddha the finishing touches. The portrait was really beautiful and serene.
This process set Urmilla thinking. In life too we have preconceived notions of people and often our judgment is based on these notions. Just like the brush dipped in black never allowed the white to shine so will our preconceived notions does not allow proper judgment, So to bring out the white Urmila had to use a new brush similarly when we meet people with whom earlier we have had bad experiences we should meet them as though we are meeting them for the first time. Then there will be no negativity within us towards that person.
Didi says if we follow this principle our relationships will become stronger.


Wednesday Session 15/08/2012

Importance of statements

Mrs Sunila Lal shared that her aunt was unwell for quite some time.All kinds of tests like ultrasound and endoscopy were done on her .The doctorswere of the opinion that the tumor they had identified could be cancerous. MrsSunila Lal was regularly doing healing prayers and reiki using positivestatements.  Her aunt too was asked to say positive statement while doinghe Ram-Ram mala. Miraculous results were seen. After two weeks when the testswere conducted the Doctors were astonished about the fact that patient’s tumorwas not malignant and could be healed using medicine.

Mrs Pallavi Agarwal shared that her child was 9 year old andregularly attended the Sunday Family Session. The fact that August 12, 2012 washer friend’s B’day and there was a party did not deter her from attending thesatsang. When she came back home her grandparents asked her as to what she hadlearnt from the satsang. The child sang the Bhajan which was sung by one of theNarayans”. Didi appreciated the small child and her sincerity of graspingthings at an early age.

Mrs A shares that her husband had certain habits which were not appreciated by her and she believed it was due to his bad company.. She did regular reiki prayers, keeping a fixed time, place and positive statement. It was magical. On his own he gave up the bad company. Things fell in place and today they are very positive and happy.
Didi says, pray for others. Your needs will automatically be fulfilled..
Didi says, pray for others. Your needs will automatically be

A new definition for Freedom was given by Didi.

Freedom is being Unique/Special. Freedom is being always positive. Didi explains further, if we have negativity towards someone we are bound by those negative thoughts.  So this  15thAugust lets us attain our freedom by freeing our self from negative thoughts and adopting a posit ive attitude towards all.

Didi’s Answers to Questions raised on 25/07/2012
Q1) Q) We all believe that each of us is special and unique. How do we discover our speciality or uniqueness and work on it for our own benefit and the benefit of society.
A) Be committed to the task you are doing.
Didi tells a story to enumerate this:
There was once a king who had a son. The prince was young when the King realized his end was near. He named his trusted minister as guardian to the son and breathed his last. The minister started ruling but greed for  power corrupted his mind He knew when the Prince reached the age of 15 he would have to give back the kingdom .So he hatched a Plan. He could not murder the prince because it would be exposed sometimes. So he thought he would led the prince to vices so that he would become unfit to rule. Drinks, gambling, girls, were made easily available to the prince. But the prince knew his mission. His aim and goal was to ascend the throne and these vices would make him unworthy,. So he did not fall prey to any of the vices. At the age of 15 the prince ascended the throne.
Keep a commitment and work towards it.
Q2) Our role in dealing with elders/youngsters. Balancing act between them .Practical viewpoint.  How to handle a situation which seems not too easy to handle.
A) When two generations are arguing do not participate in their argument. Keep your point of view to yourself.  You can use the Magic Mantras “Narayan Help”, symbols lip lock and Narayan Cap.
Try to reason out with both the generations separately pointing the positive aspects of each of the generation.
Q3) Superstition of elders and how to handle it?
A) Never hurt the elders trying to prove them wrong in their superstition. In fact try reasoning and if they don’t agree you should at least pretend to follow, Wear a bangle on your jeans in front of them and as step out you can remove them. In this way you please the elders as well as yourself.
Q4) Dealing differently with your daughter and daughter-in-law?
A) Treat your son, daughter-in-law, and daughter in a similar manner. Whatever privileges you give to your son and daughter same has to be given to your daughter-in law.
Didi’s Answers to Questions raised on 01/08/2012
Q1)Before the attempt of any task the thought enters our mind “What will people say “ ? How do we deal with this.
A) Didi says firstly people really don’t have the time to comment on what you are doing. Secondly if what we are doing is positive and gives us a good feeling and makes us happy then we can go ahead. The only thing that should be kept in mind is the time we give to that particular work should not affect the schedule  of our loved ones. We should manage things in such  a manner that our near and dear ones are happy. And if the task we are doing is good for the society, automatically our near dear ones will support us.
Q2) When there are two or more solutions to a question in hand  and Didi you are not available to guide us  then how will we choose the option ?
A) Write all the options in chits of paper. Didi says the options will be of three types
1. Heart
2. Intution
3. Mind
Use the symbol e -aah –waah,1Mala and choose the chit. If the answer is okay with you, go ahead but if a doubt enters your mind that some other option would have been better, then go for the other option.
Q3) How to analyze thoughts whether they are positive or negative….
A) If the thought gives us the feeling of “Feeling Good” then it is a positive thought .Go ahead with the thought otherwise discard it.
Q4) when a task is rightly done then the credit goes to the team which has contributed in completion of the task. But if things go wrong why only one person is is made responsible.
A) Didi says take the responsibility of things gone wrong and try corrective measure. Always remember Narayan Circle of Life. Give your Best Always
Wednesday Session 08/08/2012 Sharing
Two Miraculous Sharing’s were shared.
How our Statement dictates what nature grants us.
A lady shared that her neighbor has an African Parrot which can speak. Last week the parrot managed to escape from its cage. The parrots wings were trimmed to make it  a pet parrot. So it was known that the parrot could not fly far. But her neighbor was worried that no harm befalls the parrot. She asked the Reiki channel person to do something. The lady who shared the incident immediately put the parrot in security and told the other lady also to chant Ram Mala with a statement. After a week also there was no news about the Parrot.  When the lady was asked as to what her statement was she said that her statement was the parrot should be safe wherever he was. The statement was changed to “The parrot should return to me safe and sound.” The next day the parrot came back.
A true example of how our statements work.
Another lady shared that her friend had lost a gold biscuit about three years ago. She has lost hope until recently when her friend asked her to put it in Narayan Kavach. She immediately visualized  the biscuit in security and told her friend also to pray with the statement that she has got back her gold biscuit. The friend not being a reiki channel did the process but not with much belief.  She got the gold biscuit. She had lost the gold about 3 years ago when she was handling her bank locker. She believes it might have fallen down unnoticed. The gold biscuit was found by the next person who entered the locker area. He had kept the gold biscuit for three years and now had handed it over o the bank manager. Since her name was written on the gold biscuit the bank manager handed the gold to her.
This is the power of our statement and Reiki symbol Narayan Kavach

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