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Recap Of 3rd august Family Session
Narayan Narayan
Didi explains the beauty of this August . There is Raksha bhandhan, Independence Day, Gokulashrami in this month.
Didi stats her session with experience of Raghav. Raghav is travelling from Delhi to Mumbai in train. He has planned all the tasks he has to complete during the journey. So he decides that he will not converse with his fellow passengers. But his eyes falls upon a foreigner who is sitting Opp to him. Her aura is such that he wants to strike a conversation with her. A station comes by and he asks her if she wants him to get her anything from the station. Conversation begins and the lady starts appreciating India and Indians. Raghav is Gappy about the fact that she is appreciating his country but at the same time thoughts dwell I'm his mind about the corruption, in disciple, lack of sincerity in the country. Raghav is reminiscing about this when the foreigner pops a question as to why Indians do not appreciate their country and are not proud of it. Raghav is astounded. Before he thinks of an answer the foreigner again highlights the beautiful rich culture we have, the trust the devotion  the care in the people of India. The rich heritage and the attachment to our heritage and culture. As Raghav hears the foreigner rattling the positive highlights of this country he wants to lift his head high but  is ashamed of his negative thoughts about his country.  He realizes his mistakes and takes a oath to highlight the positivity in our country. Mother Theresa says, to keep the country clean all each of us have to do is to keep our homes and it's surrounding clean. If each and every citizen of this country performs his duty and role in the right manner then our country will definetly be the best.
Raghav says that now the thought in him mind is how he can make his country beautiful and what can he give to his country . If you focus on Good then good and only good will come your way.
The second sharing Is of SudhaMoorthy and it too has a beautiful message.
Sudha Moorthy's office runs a school for the poor children and in this connection they buy stationery from mr Sheikh who has a small stationary shop  near their office. Every month Mr Sheikh used to come to collect the cheque due to him from their office. Once when Mr Sheikh had come to their office their was celebration going on and he too was offered sweets. He takes two prices of sweets and wraps them in a paper for his children at home. Mrs Moorthy Is inquisitive and asks him about his family. He replies that he has one girl child and his sister who is a widow  is also staying with them also has a girl. So he had taken two sweets to give to the two children. Mrs Moorhy further enquiries how he manages his expense to which he replies that his wife and his sister together run a tailoring unit and they all manage to live peacefully.
Mrs Moorhy is impressed with mr Sheikh. Some days later Sheikh telephones to Mrs moorthy  to release his dues early and on enquiring the reason he discloses that his sister was suffering from cancer and he had make arrangement for the operation . When Mrs Moorthy offers to help Sheikh he refuses telling he would make arrangement of the obey by selling the ornaments of his wife and sister but there may be those more unfortunate than him who would require her charity. Mrs Moorthy is impressed and she  gives Rs 50000/- to Sheikh for the treatment .
A few days later as Mrs Moorthy is entering the office she finds Sheikh along with a cute little girl sitting in the reception. On enquiring Mr Sheikh tells Mrs Moorthy that his sister was no more and he hands a small envelope to Mrs Moorthy . On opening the envelope mrs Moorthy finds that it contains Rs 3000/-. Mr Sheikh explains that this was the amount left after the treatment of his sister Zubeda. Her last wish was the amount reach Mrs Moorth so that it could be utilised to help someone else. Didi says it is people like Zubeda who make this county a wonderful prosperous and a beautiful country. The summary of these story is 1) we should feel proud of our country and highlight only the positive features of this country .
2)We learn from Zubeda that we should always believe in helping others even till our last breath. Compassion and love should be a part and parcel of our lives.
Both these stories installed such positive vibrations in all those who heard the stories that all had a Feeling Good feel. Also in today's season didi explained that if someone owes you money and you have not received the payment even after the due day you should be positive towards the person. This will be beneficial in two ways 1) the money we have will be safe and multiply and 2)our package of tan , man and dhan will be best. The same thing applies when we owe money to someone. Our thoughts should be to return the money and nature will make that provision if we are positive.
Narayan Narayan
Didi Also added that in the festival of
Raksha Bandhan the sister ties the Rakhi in her brother's hand not because he should safe guard her but she is giving him a Raksha Sutra to protect him from all negativity.
Narayan Narayan

Recap of 10th November 2013 session
Narayan Narayan
Wishing all those who are present a very Happy Deepawali and a very Prosperous New Year Didi shares a story
1) A thirteen year old Ajay, loved his friends and they meant a world for him. One afternoon all his friends had come over to his place and they were all enjoying themselves in his huge bedroom laughing teasing each other and Pillow fights. All of a Sudden some moment near the window made Ajay go near the window and he was hurt and surprised to see his father overhearing their conversation. He was furious with his father’s attitude and concluded that his parents did not trust him and that is why they spied on him. His friends left for their respective homes in evening but Ajay did not budge out of his room. He did not go to meet his parents because he was very furious. He did not go to meet his parents because he was very furious with them. As usual texting and wishing his friends good night he got ready for bed. The door of his bedroom opened softly and he knew it was his father. He braced himself for one long lecture, but instead his father came to his bed where he was quietly pretending to sleep, took his head in lap and softly whispered. “Children can be the reason for two types of tears. One is of joy and happiness and the other pain and despair.  The decision is in the child’s hand.’
बच्चे अपने माता पिता के आखों में दो प्रकार के आँसू लाते  है।
एक ख़ुशी,आंनद, और गर्व  और
दूसरा दुःख और दर्द का |
Saying this Ajay’s father left the room.      
Ajay was so stunned and moved by these words that he did not even hear the beep of messages from his friends on his mobile nor did the thought come to his mind to check his mobile. The only thought in his mind were the soothing words of his father and the peace of his father’s lap. That night Ajay slept well.
From then on all his actions were weighed on the fact that what kind of tears would it bring in his parent’s eyes.
Swami Vivekananda says:
हमें एक अच्छे देश व समाज का निर्माण करना है| पर अगर हम  अच्छा बन जाये तो देश भी अच्छा बन जयेग।
We have to build a good society and a strong nation, but if we ourselves become good the society and the nation as a whole becomes good automatically.
Mother Theresa adds, to keep your country clean if every house and its surroundings are kept clean the country automatically becomes clean.
Spiritual guru Mr Raghav says
The story of Ajay is applicable to each and every individual. All our actions affects our near and dears and it up to us as to which kind of tears we would like to bring in their eyes.
Story 2
Mr Keshav shares
Mr Keshav had reached his office as usual on time. There was a flurry of activity in the next cabin with the carpenters getting the cabin ready for his new boss. Work in the office had practically stopped with all the staff discussing the new cabin and the boss. Since there was no productive output Keshav decided to call it a day and headed back home. At home since he was early he and his wife decided to go for a stroll in Juhu Beach which was near his house. Juhu beach was a maze of activity. There were hawkers selling their wares, food stalls and children playing cricket. The noise was immense. After a long walk I and my wife decided to have something to drink and we went to a milk stall. The stall was being managed by a young boy of around 14 years of age. First we decided to have water and as an afterthought they changed the order to Masala milk. This brought a little irritation in the boy’s face but he did serve Mr Keshav, Masala milk and then went back to his pen and paper. While they were having their masala milk Mr Keshav was wondering as what the boy was so dedicatedly scribbling in his pad. Curiosity got the better of Mr. Keshav and after he had finished with his drink he went back to the child and asked him what he was so importantly doing in all that noise. The boy replied that he was practicing his math’s as he had an exam the next day. Mr Keshav was shocked. A slight noise in his office had deterred him from his work but this small child had taught him how to focus. The child had hundred reasons not to Focus but he just ignored those reasons and focused on his studies.  Mr Keshav had learnt a lesson from the child.
The next day when Mr Keshav reached the office once again work was going on. He chose to ignore the noise and continued with his work. Seeing him all the other staff members also followed suit.
यदि एक व्यक्ति भी ईमानदारी से काम करता है वो दूसरो के लिए प्रेरणा बन जाता है |
Story 3
Mr Raghav shares that when he was small he used to stay with his parents and brothers and sisters in a rented house because his father did not own a house. Every two years they had to shift to a new house and Raghav and his brothers disliked this process. But every time they had to shift I, Raghav father would go to the owners house, thank him for allowing them to stay in his house with a smile give him a flower bouquet.  This was a ritual Raghav’s father never missed doing. Raghav could never understand why his father used to do this.
After the completion of his education Raghav joined work. He was still staying with his parents and once again it was time to shift. That day had been a hard day in office and when he came home and heard they had to shift Raghav got very angry with his father.  In his anger he vented out his frustration to his father saying that had his father invested in a house he and his brothers could have stayed peacefully in one place. All his friends were having a place of their own to live. In his anger he uttered a lot of more than required.  His father heard him out completely and without a word came and took his hand and guided him to a seat. There he sat down besides Mr Raghav and taking his hand in his hand he told Raghav that with his limited salary he could only afford to give Raghav, his brother and sister good education and good values. He believed that education is only wealth which brings respect to a human being. Now after acquiring a good education Raghav could do well in his life and acquire not only one but many more properties. Hearing his father that day, Raghav gained a new respect for him. He felt ashamed at his outburst. That day Raghav realized what his parents had done for him and his siblings. He decided to work hard and then buy a house of his own.
1) Our words and actions should be such that it brings tears of joy, happiness in the eyes of all those who care for us.
2) From Mr Keshav we learnt that we should be focused in our work and do it sincerely.  
3) From Mr Raghav we learnt that education is the biggest wealth our parents have given us. Using this wealth judiciously we can acquire properties or whatever we want.

Narayan Narayan 

Recap of 13th January’s New Year Session.
Narayan Narayan…………………..
The Narayan Reiki Parivar’s Dream:-
Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity and Happiness and Harmonious relations in the lives of everyone.
Our Motto; In Giving we Believe.
Didi wishes all the Narayan Reiki Parivar a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year. She recalls the mission of the Narayan Reiki Parivar i.e. Health, Wealth, Peace, Harmony in the lives of all. To bring this about she requests the support of each and every member of the Narayan Reiki Parivar.
Didi starts her session with the sharing of Radhika..
It is New Year’s Eve and as is tradition Radhika too makes a resolution to stay fit. On 1st January she puts on her walking shoes and goes for a walk. She sees a rose in conversation with a tree. The rose is swaying in Happiness and the tree is saying to the rose not to sway so much because her life span is very short. By evening the tree says to the rose that she will wilt away and the gardener will rip it away. In reply to the tree the rose says that she agrees her life span is short but she would live it to the fullest. The rose further adds that it her duty to spread happiness to all around. So with the help of her colors and perfume she is spreading happiness which is the aim of her short span of life. The rose says your life should not be quantitative but qualitative. Saying this rose starts swaying again.
Radhika is mightily impressed with the thoughts of the rose and determines to be happy and spread Happiness.
Story 2
Mr. Morris shares a story about a small child who leaves his home in search of happiness. Walking for sometime he notices some spirits following him. He asks the spirits who they were and why they were following him. The spirits tell him that they are the spirits of Happiness and they resided in his house. The child is surprised and says that he had never found happiness in his house. The spirits tell him that happiness was all around him and he never acknowledged.  The beautiful sunrise, the gentle breeze, the dew on the flower, the warmth of the sun on a cold morning, Mother’s love and her warm words, to give love and to get love  and many more countless small happiness we choose not to recognize and accept and we crib we are unhappy.
If only Happiness could speak it would say these words…
Extend your arms, feel me
Open your eyes see my smiling face
Open your ears and listen to my sweet nothings.
Look around and you will only find me…
Radhika comes home after the walk with a new determination and shares her experiences with Madhav her husband. Madhav then share his experience.
 He tells Radhika over a cup of tea his experience. One evening when he was sitting in the society garden in a very positive mood he saw an earthworm a few feet away. He smiled at the earthworm and the earthworm started moving towards him. He extended his hand in a friendly gesture and the earthworm moved towards him further. Then a thought struck him about his school days when his teacher had told him that if an earthworm is cut in half both the halves will continue to twitch. As soon as the thought struck him he found that the earthworm had retreated into a leaf to hide itself. It is when Madhav realized how our thoughts affect others. If an organism like an earthworm could respond to his thoughts then how would our thoughts effect humans who are far more sensitive and intelligent.
One conclusion was we are all connected. We should always be filled with positivity, love, joy, Happiness and these we should try to spread to all those around us. And this is the best gift we can give anyone.
That day Mr Madhav says he thanked the earthworm and took a resolution to spread positivity, Joy, happiness to all.
Recap of the Year
Our lives have been empowered by Didi’s words. 
The lord has given us one ocean,
Some take out fish, some pearl, some come out with muddy feet;
Life is one; let’s get the best from life.
Together we can realize Didi’s and Narayan Reiki Parivar’s Dream.
Recap of Didi’s messages which all Narayan reiki followers should follow.
In the beginning of the year we all took an oath
1) Appreciation
2) To remain calm and positive at all times
Last year we had taken an oath that
We will not Gossip i.e. at all times we will only talk positive statements and also we will seek positivity in the statement of others.
Didi also taught us the Narayan circle of Life which if followed regularly will give us immense benefits.
We were also told to follow Two Reiki rules one compulsory i.e.
Thanks to God and at least five persons in our lives, first thing in the morning.
Among the other four rules i.e.
1) Today I will remain calm and speak positive words
2) Today I will be Happy and be positive.
3) Today I will live the present moment honestly.
4) Today I will see Narayan in every living being.
We were asked to choose any one of the above rules and follow them honestly.
This Diwali session Didi taught us to be UNIQUE.
She taught us some techniques for being Unique.
1) Precious 16
2) She opened the Care A/c for each one of us.
3) The Narayan Samadhan visiting minutes of 17.5 min.
4) The Narayan Happy Formula
5) The Narayan Magic Mantras.
Nature also gave us a message through Didi
1) When is god nearest to us?  God is nearest to us when we are angry.
2) The importance of thanks, when you receive 7 Thanks God says “I am proud of you my child”
Didi says when you help anyone, do not say and show and always give your Best.
Didi says forgive easily and say Sorry, cause nature will then forgive you for your past mistakes.
Didi also gave a new Definition to Love. True Love Didi says is to Care truly.
Didi taught us that care is to give, not to receive.
She also taught us that Nature has given us a blank cheque of Love,care,respect and Faith.
The only condition for encashing this cheque is to give your best.
Five rules Didi gave us to empower our lives
Thanks to God for everything he has given. Gratitude towards him at all times.
For the Peace and serenity in your homes you alone are responsible.
Whomsoever you meet, meet without any presumptions about his nature and intentions. Meet him like you are picking a new brush for painting. Meet each person as a well wisher.
Never get hurt by the words of your close relatives and friends. Always consider their critical opinion as a message from God.
Always give your best.
Always remember ‘Today is a blessing and this life is God’s gift you and the way we lead our lives is a gift to him’. So by following Narayan Reiki let’s make God proud of us.
Didi has crafted a new dictionary for our use.
Let’s speak only those positive words.

Didi says you do not usher in the New Year when the date in the calendar changes, but the day your thought changes to positivity that day you usher in the New Year of your life.
Last year we had taken a commitment of
1) Appreciation
2) To remain calm and positive at all times
This year Didi has made a small change in our commitment of appreciation. If you want to criticize we can go ahead and do it but before criticizing we have to say at least two words of appreciation.
If a single thought can affect an earthworm, how our thoughts dictates the mood around us we know.
Narayan Narayan


Recap of June 10th Session
Narayan NarayanNarayan Reiki Parivar’s dream….. “Health Wealth and Happiness “in every one’s life…..
Raj Didi starts her session with a true story

M adhav a 20 year old boy and his two friends Ram and Shiv were going on a long drive. Ram was driving and singing the Oscar winning song “Jai HO!”Shiv asked Ram, as to why “Jai Ho!” is such a popular song and the reason why it was acclaimed all over the world. He asked Shiv,”what was so special about A.R Rehman’s character?”Shiv explained that A.R Rehman’s ideals, his hard work and perseverance made him successful.

Shiv further added, A.R Rehman was a keyboard player in a small band. He was a very hardworking boy. While practicing when people took breaks, he would utilize the breaks for further practice.

Acclaim was bestowed upon him by numerous National and international Awards. When he went to collect his Oscar, his humility was defined by his speech. He said “This award is because of my Father’s prayers, Mother’s hard work and the blessings of god”.
He came back home to lots of fanfare and galore .But he was grounded. His words were:

मै इश्वर की कटपुतली हू. वो बजाता है मै उसी तरह बजता हू” 
Shiv was impressed and says he would also like to have a character like that of Rehman. The three friends drive their way singing the song”Jai Ho! Jai Ho!”…….

A member shared his thoughts with Didi. He said when he went home from the May 12th Satsang, the discussion regarding relationship was in his mind. His parents reside in the village and he used to call them once a week. He was so impressed with Didi’s thoughts on relationship that he started calling his parents every day .The conversation would begin with ‘Narayan Narayan’ and end the call with ‘Narayan Narayan’. An unseen strong bond of Narayan thoughts have developed between us and his relationship with his parents have become stronger.”Small actions make life more meaningful.”
He further shares that when he was a young he came to Mumbai to realize his dreams of being successful. He had a decently good job which paid him well and he used to share an apartment with two of his friends. He used to write letters to his parents every day. One Saturday evening as he was just sitting to write a letter to his parents, his friends invite him for a drink. He refuses them. As he was all alone he started reminiscing about his childhood days. When he was a teenager he used to love cricket, eat out in hotels, and see movies. His father was a disciplinary and the life he led was much disciplined .At that age his mind used to revolt against his father’s strict regime and he used to think that, the day he would earn he would do whatever he liked. 
Today he was all alone in Mumbai, He could do whatever he wished but the discipline instilled in him in his younger days still controlled his actions and kept him in on the right path. That day he wrote a letter of thanks to his parents.
He also thanked God for his upbringing.

जिंदगी नॆ मुझे सिखादिया, आजादी क्या होती हैं .पतंग की डोर ऊपर तबतक रहती हैं जब तक हाथ मे,
वरना कट कर गिर जाती हैं

Sharing:  Mr Ravi Emailed to Didi.

Mr Ravi did not follow any religious practices. He would never attend any Satsang or Religious gathering. Ravi wife was a very ill natured woman. Ravi’s mother stayed close by to his residence, but Ravi could not take care of his mother because his wife did not approve of it.  About a year ago Ravi’s wife joined Didi’s Wednesday Satsang. Satsang changed his world. She started respecting her Mother in law and started taking care of her .Positive words, Calmness and Appreciation became her nature. Ravi was so impressed by her change towards positivity that he joined the Sunday session of Didi and took the commitment of Appreciation and calmness.

He shared that, once he had been invited to attend a religious function in the house of his boss. There a Swamiji was giving a discourse. The Swamiji questioned “Your driver does not come for duty and the reason was he was drunk. Will you trust him? Your accountant makes a grave error in your tax calculation, will you approve of such an accountant? You put a shirt a to waash with a fifty Rupee note and your maid says she has not aware of the money, Will you trust her again? We have Character expectation and analysis on others. At that moment Mr Ravi realized that.”What behavior you cannot endure in others, you should have the same standard for yourself. He says he tries to follow Didi’s Narayan circle of life and nature also helps him.

For the younger generation….A 30 year old boy came to Didi and shared that he used to stay in a joint family. His wife was a working woman and she used to disown home responsibilities. His mother and his brother’s wife had to share all responsibilities on the home front. So he took a transfer to another place so that his wife would improve. Thus he helped his motherA couple came to Didi and shared that, after 10 years of marriage they had a child who had health issues. Being working couple they were finding it difficult to give so much time and money on the child. On enquiring about their life Didi realized that that the mother in law was old and the couple would neither support her with money nor time. Didi explained the Narayan Circle of life. They mended their ways and the child’s health improved.A 22 year old boy came to Didi and shared that he had lots of work pressures in the office. He had two bosses and apart from doing his work he also had to finish the task given to his bosses’ .The boy was stressed out, as he had to continuously work. While sharing he explained that he would not help his folks at home. He used to make his mother do all his work. Didi once again explained the Narayan circle of life. The boy changed his ways, the bosses changed theirs.A marketing company launched a new ‘fish ‘Product .They achieved lots of success initially but after a month sales dipped .On enquiring the reason they found that the fishes did not like the taste of their product. They had to change the taste as per the requirement of the fishes.You are sitting in your balcony and having tea and biscuits and you want to attract the attention of parrot. You offer tea or biscuits it will not come to you .You have to offer bird food….i.e. green chilly and guava.Didi says while you build relations you should keep in mind the likes of those whom you want to have a relationship and try to speak their language. Only then your relationship will be strong.We repair materialistic things which do not work e.g. the same importance should be given to relationship. There is a marked difference between“You love me” and “I know you Love me.”“You know me “and” I trust that you know me well.”

Summary:1) From A.R Rehman we learn the importance of perseverance, hard work, and character.

2) Mr Ravi taught us the importance of Narayan circle of life.

3) The younger generation sharing taught us the importance of caring.          

4) We also learnt to how to build relationship.(you  have to understand the people’s likes and act accordingly.)

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